Why cyber security awareness?

Why you should pay closer attention to educating your employees on phishing threat?

Phishing threat is serious and it is still the #1 weapon cyber criminals use to attack your employees

Cyber attacks start with a phishing email
Of all phishing emails contain encryption malware
Why Cyber Intelligence?

Comprehensive and Scientific Approach to Security Acculturation

Our scientific approach to security awareness training makes us one of the leading security awareness companies in ASEAN. We offer highly engaging awareness content, interactive e-learning modules and dashboard to track the performances of your employees.

Craftsmanship and creativity emphasised

Where Security Awareness & Creativity Meet

Our aim is to bring the best security awareness training content from all over the world to your employees. Our top priorities are craftsmanship and creativity, and thus all our security content are hand-picked by our security professionals to ensure no boring or dull stuff delivered to your end-users.

Hollywood Style Awareness Videos

Don’t lecture. Tell stories. Stories evoke emotions. When emotions are present, users are engaged.

Interactive Multimedia e-Learning

To meet the needs of a new generation of web-savvy employees for short and entertaining e-learning experiences, the emphasis is on multimedia content.

3-Action Points & Reinforcement

Our awareness content uses advanced typography, explanations via short animations and finally, all points of action are summarized and repeated in a final review.

VR Games

Turn your security awareness training into a 360º experience. Our beta VR game will playfully teach you why cyber security is important.


Don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying

We care, we take a personalized approach to each customer, and our management team is never more than a phone call or email away.

Lim Chin Wan

“It is crucial that my employees are continuously trained on cyber security. Cyber Intelligence offers the best solution to achieve my organization’s security awareness goals.”

Lim Chin Wan

Deputy MD, Vattanac Bank Cambodia (Financial Sector)
Daniel Lim

“Super fast result. Within 4 months I was able to see my organization’s awareness level increase and fewer people were clicking on simulated phishing emails.”

Daniel Lim

CIO, Sabah State (Government Sector)
Gunalan Gingan

“Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I am very satisfied with the quality of training content and professionalism of your team members.”

Gunalan Gingan

CEO, Pioneer Engineering Sdn Bhd (Energy Sector)

Highly Affordable, Fast Results, No Productivity Loss


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$1 per user per month


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