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Awareness Elevated, Behaviour Modified

Classroom-based awareness training and putting up posters around the workspace don't cut it anymore. Your employees are exposed to the latest and sophisticated cyber threats all the time. Cyber Intelligence gives you the best combinations and options of world's top security awareness content producers.

You can choose between story-based content - stories evoke emotions; computer-based lectures don’t. When emotions are present, users are ENGAGED


Interactive e-learning content which will require users to navigate through a series of security topics.

Large library of security awareness content

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Security Awareness Topics

Cyber Intelligence’s strategic partnerships with NINJIO and BeOne Development allows us to offer you the best security awareness content in the world. Our continuous search for more strategic partnerships will enable us to have a large library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.

We offer two types of security awareness videos; i.e. Hollywood style fully animated videos and interactive e-Learning videos. Check out some of the topics that we have for each type:

  1. Rogue USB Drive
  2. Social Engineering Attack (using data collected from social websites)
  3. Malware Attack on Personal Computer
  4. Large-Scale Cyber Attack Against a Multinational Company
  5. Safe Usage of Work Email
  6. Ransomware Attack
  7. Scamming a Payroll Worker
  8. Bank Accounts and Online Scammers
  9. Wi-Fi Security
  10. Identity Theft
  11. Password Security
  12. Physical Security

and many more…

  1. Access Control
  2. Be Careful With Your Information
  3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  4. Business and Personal Use of the Internet, Email and Social Media
  5. Clear Desk, Screen and Office
  6. Cyber Security (General)
  7. How is Information Classified?
  8. Information Classification
  9. Introduction Program Information Security
  10. Know Who You Are Dealing With
  11. Malware
  12. Mobile Devices Security
  13. Phishing
  14. Reporting Information Security Incidents
  15. Risk Management
  16. Social Media and Working in the Cloud
  17. Strong Passwords
  18. Working in Public Places

and many more…

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