Our Valuable Partners

Because of Our Partners We Are Leading The Way

We work hard to form the best and the most valuable partnership models, so that we can bring the best of products and solution to our customers.

Cyber Test Systems provides affordable Network Traffic Generator CTS-NTG solutions able to help organizations to run functional, performance, security and stability tests on the network infrastructure replicating real world by generating legitimate and malicious traffic. CTS is one of the leaders in the market for Cyber Range solutions.

Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Test Systems, formed a strategic partnership with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), to build the first of its kind, and highly specialised cyber defence facilities,  to offer cyber range trainings to meet cybersecurity skill demands of academia and industry in the region.

NINJIO is a “Content First” Company. Over 200 hours are spent on each Hollywood story-based episode, to deliver the highest quality production on the market today. Most Awareness providers are “Phishing First” companies who have viewed Awareness content as an after-thought.

BeOne Development is a dynamic organization that helps to ensure a risk and quality-aware culture by providing on-the-fly training solutions for safety, security and compliance. BeOne strives to change behaviour of the employees to become increasingly sensitive to risks, to be aware of internal quality standards and to act accordingly.

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