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Cyber Test Systems Cyber Range

Cyber Test System’s Cyber Range is first of its kind and the best in Malaysia and Asia Pacific, with equipment of RM2.4 million in value. This centre simulates highly sophisticated cyberattacks in a realistic environment so that cyber security practitioners can practise and formulate defence strategies.

The 1st and Only Cyber Range in Malaysia that is:

  1. Able to replicate a realistic environment – Civilian, Military and Critical Infrastructure networks
  2. Perform Product Evaluation – validate your network infrastructure, validate your solution, validate your website security
  3. Product Certification – Performance Tests, QA Tests, meet Qualification criteria in contracts, regulations, or specification

Cyber ​​Range is purpose built training facility used for cyber defense exercises that allows organizations to increase and test the cyber response skills of individual and teams defending their network infrastructures. This training facility provides a hyper-realistic simulation of an actual cyber attack with legitimate and malicious traffic generated from a Network Traffic Generator developed by Cyber Test Systems, France, allowing participants to practice the entire chain of cyber defense. The Cyber Range provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security and performance of cyberinfrastructures and IT systems used by government, military agencies and civilian organizations.

Benefits of Cyber Range

A Cyber ​​Range is a training center for cyber defense that allows organizations to increase the skills of their teams in the defense of their network infrastructures. In order to provide an hyperrealistic training environment and to practice the entire chain of cyber defense, the legitimate and malicious traffic is itself realistic and varied, generated from a Network Traffic Generator CTS-NTG, developed by our teams.

Maximize your human capital by training them with relevant skill-sets that is aligned with your security solutions in your network

Increase your competency level and defend against a real-world attack without the aftermath of a cyber-attack in our closed environment.

Evaluate your teams on the ability to work together, response and react.

Re-evaluate your business plan

Prevention exercises allow organisations to re-evaluate their business continuity plan in an event of a cyber-attack.

Understand your network and infrastructure limitation when a real-world cyber-attack is deployed.

Who use Cyber Range ?

Who use Cyber Range ?

  • Militaries
  • Governments
  • Defense Integrators
  • Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • Enterprises
  • Universities and Polytechnics
  • Science and Technology Research Institution

They all use inter connected hardware or have a significant online presence and are exposed by motivated and well-funded threat. Cyber Range is the solution to test your infrastructure, train your teams and provide preventive and educational exercises.

Cyber Security Training

Developing technologies has changed the threat landscape for Cyber Security and the way you defend your network. A combination of knowledge and hands-on skills will develop the people with the necessary skills in an event of a cyber-attack. In Cyber Test Systems Cyber Range, we train, develop and build skillset in that is required of a Cyber Security Specialist in a real world environment. We generate the latest attack vectors to allow participants to learn, identify and mitigate these attacks during our Cyber Range Training in a practical driven session.


 Aftermath of a Cyber-attack could be damaging, it is crucial to develop

the necessary skills to defend your network.

What does our training provide?

  • Cyber Exercises – Blue Team , Read Team, Crisis Management
  • Real-world attack vectors to evaluate readiness
  • Learn how to react in front of real threats, without suffering the ill effects
  • Improve coordination between internal and external teams, organisation and entities
  • Study the reaction of your teams: ability to work together, discuss and make decisions
  • Test and validate existing incident response plan through 16 types of attack vectors
  • Single Vectors Scenarios, Multi Vectors Scenarios, Campaign Mode
  • Able to replicate a realistic environment

Training of Specialised Teams in all levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Professionals:

  • Information Technician (IT)
  • Network Operations Center (NoC)
  • Security Operations Center (SoC)
  • DevOps
  • SecOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)
  • Forensic
  • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

A Cyber Range is composed of 6 teams:

A Cyber Range is composed of 5 teams:

Level 1- Single-Vectors of Cyber Range Attacks Scenarios:

Level 2- Multi-Vectors of Cyber Range Attacks Scenarios:

During Cyber Range, Cyber Test System is able to generate advance type of cyber attack scenarios Multi-Vectors, combination of multiple types of Single-Vectors.

Level 2- Campaign Mode:

Reproduce the behavior of cyber attach media campaign including Malicious Domains, Malicious Websites, Botnet Communications, Web Exploit Kits. Identifying who introduced malware into your system. the aim is to placed tams into the exact environment as during the original campaign.

Components Deployed in Cyber Range

  • Network Traffic Generator
  • Application Traffic Generator
  • TAP and Aggregator Network
  • Packet Broker Switch
  • Router Firewall
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • IPSec VPN Geteway
  • SSL VPN Gateway
  • Wbe Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Cache
  • Transparent and Explicit Proxy
  • Anti-Adwares
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malwares
  • Anti-Spyware
  • URL Filter
  • Content Filter
  • SMTP Reply
  • Anti-Spam
  • WAN Accelerator
  • Anti-Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • Network Data Loss Prevention
  • QoS DPI
  • Application DPI
  • Load Balancer Anti-DDOS System
  • Anti-Botnet Sytem
  • Lawful Intercept System
  • Data Retention System/Full Packet
  • Capture System
  • Network Monitoring Platform
  • SIEM
  • Desktop End Point Security
  • Mobile End Point Security
  • ICS/SCADA Security Solution
  • Desktop and Laptop
  • Servers
  • Mobile and Tablets
  • IoT Devices
  • ICS/SCADA Devices
  • Civilian and Military Drone

How to push your training with us ?

In our Cyber Range training, you play one or more roles (defenders or attackers). The rest of the teams are simulated by machines, instructors or by yourself if you wish. The goal is to train all the cyber defense chain in a realistic environment to improve capability of cyber crisis management.