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Cyber Security for People

Cyber Intelligence Sdn. Bhd or “CI” is an award-winning “MSC Status” Cyber Security company established in 2010. CI was the first to setup the Cyber Range facilities in Malaysia, in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM in 2016. Through this collaboration CI developed a certification training programme named Certified Cyber Defense Associate (CCDA). Over the years, CI has won numerous awards including “Cyber Security Education and Training Provider of the Year” in 2015 awarded by CyberSecurity Malaysia, APICTA – Best of Security Finalist 2015 and was the recipient of MOSTI InnoFund in 2013. CI also the leading security awareness and behaviour management consulting and solution provider in Malaysia. Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd is also Cybersecurity Malaysia’s exclusive partner to deliver and manage the government endorsed “Certified Information Security Awareness Programme Manager (CISAM) certification course, and has undertaken the National Flagship research project “Human Impact Management for Information Security” Recently, Cyber Intelligence with its technology and training partner, Cyber Test Systems from France, build the first of kind and highly specialised cyber defence technologies and capabilities to cater for the current and future needs of the industry and academia in Malaysia. With this strategic partnership, we aim to build the next generation of highly skilled cyber defenders for academia, businesses, government and service providers.

Who We Are

Old Cyber Security for People

At Cyber Intelligence our mantra is "Cyber Security for People". The company was founded in August 2010 to address one major problem in cyber security which often gets overlooked; i.e. humans as the weakest link in the security chain. We strongly believe that with the right security awareness training, behaviour modification efforts and user conditioning, employees can be easily transformed from weakness to strength - that will become your organization's first line of defence.

Classroom-based awareness training and putting up security posters around the workspace areas are old-school and proven to be not effective. We use on-demand, interactive and engaging security awareness content. We also develop tools for you to test your users' phishing susceptibility by conducting simulated phishing attacks.

Throughout our illustrious 9 years in business, we have worked with various organizations from sectors such as Banking & Finance, Energy, Telecommunications, Defence, Healthcare and Government. We have won several awards, most notably the Malaysia Cyber Security Awards for Education and Training Provider of the Year for 2015 and our I personally have won the Malaysian Indian Young Entrepreneur of 2017 under the ICT Security category, thanks to my amazing team that enabled me to win the award. To add to the accolades, we have also received a couple of Malaysian government grants to develop and innovate cyber security solutions.


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Lim Chin Wan

“It is crucial that my employees are continuously trained on cyber security. Cyber Intelligence offers the best solution to achieve my organization’s security awareness goals.”

Lim Chin Wan

Deputy MD, Vattanac Bank Cambodia (Financial Sector)
Daniel Lim

“Super fast result. Within 4 months I was able to see my organization’s awareness level increase and fewer people were clicking on simulated phishing emails.”

Daniel Lim

CIO, Sabah State (Government Sector)
Gunalan Gingan

“Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I am very satisfied with the quality of training content and professionalism of your team members.”

Gunalan Gingan

CEO, Pioneer Engineering Sdn Bhd (Energy Sector)

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